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Dr. Petouoff unveils a new approach for creating a customer- and employee-centric business model that yields better long-term results.


Why are customer and employee experiences often lacking? How can you deliver experiences using Empathy in Action to garner trust and earn loyalty? And what will it take to go beyond the tired declarations that customers or employees are top priorities and actually build a workforce that believes this — and puts it into practice — every day?

Rather than just give lip service to these often-misunderstood ideals, this book offers a surprising new take on how to build businesses that no longer compromise the customer and employee relationship and instead make it their highest priority.


Dr. Natalie Petouhoff is a Senior Customer Experience Strategist and Consultant at Genesys. Her work in helping hundreds of brands shift from outdated paradigms to new frontiers has made her one of the top customer experience experts in the world. With a Ph.D. in Engineering from UCLA, she believes we can create technology and organizations focused on bettering humanity by understanding and prioritizing what we are optimizing for and why.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drnataliepetouhoff/

Empathy in Action: https://empathyinactionbook.com/


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