Accelerating the success of female founders and funders


13% of Penn Wharton founders are women and they raise 6% of the venture capital.


Our goal is that 20+% of Penn Wharton founders are women and they raise 20+% of the venture capital.


Women-led businesses have been largely overlooked by the investment community.


of US Venture Capital Invested in Women-led Startups


of capital going to women Penn Wharton founders despite the fact that they represent 13%

We believe in a powerful Wharton network that lifts women up and helps them succeed.
We believe in a world where any Wharton woman can start, grow and fund a wildly successful business.
We believe in a “yes bias” for Wharton women, where fellow alums take the call, make the intro, and if they say “no,” they explain why.

To our WAFFA Community 

Black Lives Matter. At WAFFA, we’re dedicated to increasing the success of women in entrepreneurship — and support for the black founders and funders is an inextricable part of our mission.

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Unapologetically Shellye: A Candid Discussion on Advancing Your Career – September 9, 2020
Join WAFFA for a discussion with Shellye Archambeau, a #WhartonWoman and one of tech’s first Black female CEOs, on her new book Unapologetically Ambitious. Growing up, Shellye faced more hurdles than most as she managed her personal and …
When a Moment Sparks a Movement — Sept 23, 2020
Human and climate health are deemed the great equalizers, but Ita Ekpoudom and Davida Herzl highlight the racial disparities in both. After the devastating murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many others, Ita Ekpoudom, #WhartonWoman and …
A dialogue with Elaine Pofeldt about creating a business that you love — Sept 24, 2020
Please join us to have a dialogue with Elaine Pofeldt, the author of "The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business," to explore how existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, esp. women, can find and create a business that you love, is profitable, and …
An introduction to government contracting and government financing — Oct 8, 2020
Join us to explore ways that Government and emerging and small businesses can work together and benefit each other. Think of government and innovation, government and small businesses as diametrically opposite? Think it again!  Join me to explore …

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